Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business (e-ISSN:2289-8298)

Volume 8 Issue 2 December 2020

Volume 8 Issue 2, December 2020

Nature Or Nurture?: The Case of Entrepreneurship Education in Job Creation

Anisah Abdul Wafi , Suriani Mohamed, Zaliza Hanapi

Predicting the Kijang Emas Bullion Price using LSTM Networks

Mohammad Hafiz Ismail , Tajul Rosli Razak

The Impact Of Covid-19 On Islamic Banking In Indonesia During The Pandemic Era

Zulfikar Hasan

Incubating Transnational Entrepreneurial Ventures in the ASEAN-X Group: A Quantitative Study

Joselyn Escobal-Luea

Effects of Consumer Innovativeness, Fashion Innovativeness, and Fashion Involvement on Online Purchase Intention

Mas Azira Mohamed , Yu Ghee Wee

Understanding How Gastronomy Behaviours Influence the Repatronage Intention of Malaysian Muslim Tourists’ toward Japanese Street Food Vendors

Tengku Sharifeleani Ratul Maknu , Hasman Abdul Manan, Shahira Ariffin, Wan Nur Izzatie

The Mediating Role of Commitment in The Relationship Between Mobile Service Quality and Mobile Shopping Customer Loyalty in Malaysia

Komatan Dharaman , Razli Che Razak

Perceived Government Support as an Antecedent of Attitude and Perceived Behavioural Control (PBC) Effect on Agricultural Entrepreneurship (Agropreneurship) Intention Among the Youth in Sabah

Mohd Nur Fikri Waktu Saptu, Sylvia Nabila Azwa Ambad, Viduriati Sumin

Using Digital Technologies by Human Resource Management During COVID-19: A Case Study of E-Office and E-Learning

Juliansyah Noor , Nurul Cahya Ari Rahutami, Yumhi

Public Perceptions of the Economic Impacts of Government Funded Events

Lucy Batchy Gabriel Puem , Ranee Atlas, Tina Stephen Enggong, Nuraini Putit, Patrick Atan