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Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business

Predicting the Kijang Emas Bullion Price using LSTM Networks

Mohammad Hafiz Ismail , Tajul Rosli Razak



This study investigates the potential of Deep Learning techniques, specifically LSTM networks, in forecasting Kijang Emas future value over a long period. Six LSTM models comprising of Simple LSTM, Bidirectional LSTM, and Stacked LSTM architecture were built and trained against a 15-year historical price data for Kijang Emas. The models’ performance was then measured against ARIMA (5,1,0) as a baseline reference and evaluated against the RAE, MSE and RMSE metric. The results revealed that LSTM networks models performed well in forecasting Kijang Emas price based on the test dataset where the average RMSE was between 49.9 to 50.3 while the Bidirectional LSTM was found to exhibit better performance as compared to the other LSTM models.


Gold bullion forecasting;prediction;LSTM;neural network;deep learning;marking prediction

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Ismail, M. H., & Razak, T. R. (2020). Predicting the Kijang Emas Bullion Price using LSTM Networks. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business, 8(2), 11-18.

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